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Massage Therapy

Treat yourself to some muscle therapy with a massage.  Let us work out the tension for you so that you can face life with your best foot forward.


Let's Float!

Want to try out a new way of reaching your ZEN?  Try floating in 1000 pounds of Epsom Salt water raised to your body temperature.  You will literally float on top of the water and enjoy 30 minutes or 1 hour of uninterrupted relaxation.  Choose to float in silence or you can add your favorite music or meditation to the experience.  You can float in the calm blue light or in total darkness.  Notice your muscle tension float away as well as lowered cortisol levels and a clearer mind!  Help alleviate pain with a reduction in overall inflammation.  To schedule your float session contact us at 859-609-2045 or  sign up here.


Let's get FLOATING!

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Feel like you are falling apart?

Let us help to put you back together.

Check out our program​s and services to help you create the life you are wanting to live!  

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Group Fitness Classes

Aerial Yoga Classes

Class size is small so you will get individualized attention.  

4 spots in each class.  $15 for 45 minutes.

Pilates Reformer Training

3 reformers are available during these 45 minute sessions

$15 for 45 minutes

Basic Classes

Yoga and Dance PartyFit/Pilates are considered basic classes.  The cost for these classes is $7 per class.  You can also purchase a 10 class pass for $60 and save $10.

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Dr. Michael Rengert has been a practicing Chiropractor since graduating from Logan School of Chiropractic in 1985. Doc Mike recently moved to the Batesville area with his wife and children with the intention of retiring. At Gods prompting Dr. Rengert decided to heed the call on his life and ‘get back in the game’ pointing people towards a healthy holistic life. Specializing in Clinical Nutrition, Quantum Neurology AND Chiropractic, Doc Mike focuses on eliminating the structural, nutritional, and neurological imbalances in the body. Doc Mike says his goal is to ‘build a partnership with you as you journey towards your optimal health’.   


Dr. Michael Rengert is available for appointments at the Zen Zone.  Call him directly to set up a session.


Healthy Protein Smoothies

We have all natural, whole food smoothies with added whey or plant protein-YOUR choice!  A great meal replacement or snack to tide you over till your next meal.  Come on is and try one today.  We also have single serve smoothies for sale.  Buy one and take it home to make later.  All you need to do is add your choice of liquid and ice

Hours of Operation

Hours of operations.  

Massage Therapy services are still done by appointment only.


10am-8pm Mondays-Thursdays

10am-4pm Fridays

9am-2pm Saturdays


Call or Text our Zen Zone office phone you can call with questions or your smoothie order before arriving!  859.609.2045

About US!

Click below to learn more about our staff.


146 Walnut St.

 L:awrenceburg, Indiana 47025​







146 Walnut St.

Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

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