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How do I start floating?

Our Float Pods are now ready!

To make an appointment you may contact us at 859-609-2045 or click on the button below to schedule right now!

What to expect during your visit.

  • When you arrive at our facility you will be greeted by one of our staff members.  They will take you back to the float room and explain to you how the session will go.  Before you enter into the float room you may want to stop off at the restroom.
  • After explaining the procedures to you the staff member will set the wall timer for you designated float time.  Typically our floats are 1 hour in length.  The timer will be set for 70 minutes allowing you time to get ready to get into the tank once they leave.
  • After the timer is set the staff member will leave the room and you want to take a shower before entering the float pod to wash off any dirt, grime, and oils that may be on your body.
  • Once you have showered you will enter the pod.  We suggest that you float "in your skin" because there is a large amount of salt in the tanks and it will get all over you.
  • Once you are in the tank to get the full sensory deprivation effect you should pull down the lid when laying down.  The lid is on a hinge and is easy to open with a light touch from your fingers to push it up.  You may open the tank lid slightly if you ever get uncomfortable.
  • When the timer goes off you then exit the float pod and shower off.  REMEMBER that you are wet and be careful when walking from the tub to the shower.
  • After showering you get dressed and come on out to the front desk to finish your session.

Things to remember:

We suggest that you don't shave before visiting the float pod because the salt in the pod can cause discomfort to cuts and scrapes.  We do provide and ointment for you too apply to any cuts and scrapes that you have so that your experience is enjoyable.

Many people have a difficult time shutting down their mind and just relaxing in the float pod.  Try to stay in the pod for the entire duration and expect the first few times to have difficulty turning of your mind and relaxing.  This will get better.  

You may want to bring your phone or other device that plays music or can access any meditation.  You tube has tons of meditation channels that you can find and use for free.

If you have any problems when you are in the pod their is an intercom system and you can contact the front desk at any time.


Float Pod Prices

Compare the packages and find the best fit for you.

Single 1-hour float session


3 1-hour float sessions


4 1-hour float sessions


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