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Zen Zone is for Athletes

The Zen Zone Wellness Center offers a variety of services to help relax, rejuvenate, and reZENerate YOU!  Did you also know that our services can help you as an athlete recover more effectively from your training and your games?  Let us share with you how what we offer can help you be the BEST you can be in whatever sport you choose to play.

I think the biggest thing for all athletes is recovery - being able to bounce back from week to week, practice to practice, to come back in top form.

Larry Fitzgerald

Sports Massage

When getting a sports massage, consider three things:  when, what, and why.  You can get a massage before an event to warm up the body.  You may also choose to get a massage after an event to help recovery.  You could also get massage to help heal an injury sustained in your sport.  Whatever the reason, sports massage tends to use more pressure than a traditional swedish massage.  Stretching and movement are often used during sports massage.  

Sports massage can help keep your muscles flexible.  A muscle that is flexible will not only allow you to stretch further, but also will help prevent injury.  A flexible muscle is a stronger muscle.  If you have the entire range of motion for the muscle to work in, this means you can be both stronger and more flexible.  Massage also brings more blood flow to the muscles which can nourish the muscles and help them to both heal and grow stronger.

Salt Water Float Pod Therapy

Professional athletes have been using salt water floatation therapy for years to help them prepare and recover from a game.  Studies show that floating accelerates the speed of recovery from sports related injuries. It also helps athletes experience significant reduction from pain and muscle aches. Floating is a great way to clear the mind and prepare for your game through visualization and meditation.

Floating in our salt water float pods helps to pull out inflammation from the body, which shortens the recovery time for your muscles and joints.

With float therapy, the pressures of body weight and gravity are removed while the build-up of adrenaline, cortisol, and lactate is flushed out. In addition, red blood cells increase and blood circulates through the body more efficiently. The high level of magnesium sulfate in our float tank relaxes sore muscles and builds protein in your joints, helping to accelerate recovery time so you become game-ready faster.

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Yoga is a great exercise to help stretch, balance, and renew the body and the mind.  Flexibility is often an overlooked component to our fitness routines.  Tight muscles can lead to pain and injury in the body.  Yoga can help fix muscle imbalances.  Flexible muscles also allow for a greater and more free range of motion for the entire body helping to improve an athletes performance.

Through yoga practice, an athlete can also learn to deal with the anxieties and stressors of the sport and their performance.  Connecting the mind and the body allows you as an athlete to be at the top of your game.  Sign up for one of our classes below or contact us to schedule your own private yoga session.


Class times:

Monday Yoga 5pm & 6:30pm

Tuesday Aerial Yoga 6:45pm

Wednesday Yoga 6pm

Thursday Aerial Yoga 5:45pm

Thursday Yoga 6:45pm

Friday Yoga 6:45pm


Wholefood Recovery 

Protein Smoothies

Stop in and get one of our delicious wholefood protein recovery smoothies. Get your fruits and vegetables while also getting the protein you need to help rebuild your muscles. Mass builder protein is available for those athletes looking to put on some more muscle. We have a plant protein option for those people who choose to avoid the traditional whey options.

Our smoothies help:

*Replace your glycogen stores to save you from muscle breakdown and protein depletion

*Speed recovery for next workout

*Fuel the body with antioxidants which help to fight free radical damage that happens with exercise

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