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Hello I am the ZenFit Mama

I like many women today have many balls to juggle. I am a wife, mom of 4 kids, a business owner, a massage therapist, a fitness instructor, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a housekeeper, and simply a woman. This as you can imagine can cause a lot of stress. My passion is to try and help YOU find your ZenFit self. I will focus on helping you to build up your "Zen 10".

My story started long ago...

I, like a lot of people, grew up in a divorced family. My parents divorced when I was 6 years old and both have been remarried for over 35 years now. While this did cause stress in my childhood the situation has blessed me with so much more family for me to love.

When I was a teenage I had some issues with my hormones causing heavy periods and extra anxieties. These issues worsened in college causing panic attacks. As a young adult I had surgery to remove a benign tumor that later on I realized was probably caused from an excess of estrogen in the body.

Throughout these periods described I never really let on that anything was bothering me. I put on a good front to disguise what was really happening to me on the inside.

I naturally without thinking about it sought out ways to help me deal with the stress and anxieties I felt. I started teaching group fitness classes in college and then later on found a love for yoga. After graduate school I ended up attending massage therapy school and found peace while bringing peace to others.

I started to realize just what was happening to me beneath my happy surface when I was introduced to a company who offered pure, safe, and beneficial products. While attending a class I listened to someone talk about hormone imbalances and realized that explained a lot of what was going on. Not too long after that God lead me to an anti-aging doctor that joined the chiropractic office where I was working. He talked about ways to help not just bandaid things like anxiety but actually fix it by giving the body what it needed. I realized for the first time that maybe it was time to admit I had some problems and get them fixed.

I found out quickly that I was running on adrenaline after having some neurotransmitter tests. I also realized for the first time I was exhausted. I dealt with secondary insomnia for a long time. I was what some people call wired, but tired. I also found out for sure that I was estrogen dominant causing me to feel crazy at times. While trying to get everything balanced out I took off from work for 2 weeks. It was hard to go back just because now the way I was feeling on the inside was out there for the world to see. People found out I had issues. A weird thing happened though, by being fearlessly authentic there was a great freedom.

I have desired since then to reach out to other women and let them know that they are not alone. And, as much as I love Wonder Woman, I am not her and should stop trying to be.

After my journey through all this I have learned even more about how the food we eat, exercise, stress, sleep, and so many other things are entwined in a complex, but beautiful way to make us who we are, Health is holistic and must be looked at from a variety of angles.

In today's world I feel like many women are looking for some help in the chaos. I want to share with you what I have learned both formally through education and informally through life. If you are struggling to keep it all together let me help take a load off of you. I promise to be fearlessly authentic in my journey to help YOU find how to be ZenFit with me. Are you ready to join me?

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