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Clean Eating and more

Clean Eating

April 2020

Clean eating.  what is it?  Basically clean eating is eating food as naturally as it comes.  This means not processed, no preservatives or added chemicals that can interrupt your bodies ability to breakdown the food and use the vital nutrients from it.  Why is this important?  So many things that are added to our foods even ones that are meant to be a “healthy” addition like sugar substitutes can effect our body in a wide variety of ways.  For some this can be seen in the skin with rashes and hives.  Others may notice some hormonal issues that can definitely be related to what we eat and our overall gut health.  By eating clean we are fueling our bodies with foods that our bodies were created to use.  By eating more raw foods we also give our bodies more digestive enzymes to help our body break down the food.  

Clean eating can be a challenge, especially at first.  You may want to try to eliminate or change one thing in your diet that you know is not good.  Maybe it’s getting rid of soda drinks.  Maybe it’s not buying the processed snack that you love and you know you will eat if it’s in the house.  Whatever it is start small.  

By eating a cleaner diet you will help hour body to clear itself out.  Many times the crap that we put in our bodies can wear down our liver which is the biggest detoxing organ.  Toxins are stored in fat when we can’t process them and rid the body of them so keeping your liver in peak performance is key in maintaining a healthy weight as well.

We really are what we eat and when we fuel the body with the right foods giving it all the nutrients our bodies need to function than we simply function better.  That could mean better energy and sleep.  A better mood.  Better focus on the tasks at hand.  

I have been paying attention to my body for years and becoming more in tune with it.  I have found out over the years things that my body doesn’t do so well with and also things that make clean eating for me a lot easier.  There is 30 day clean eating and detox program available through the Zen Zone that you can join whenever you feel that you are ready.  I utilize pieces of the 30 day program all the time.  It’s simple to follow and an easy way to get better foods and nutrients in your body.  If you think you would like some help on your clean eating journey then check out our 30 day clean eating program on our website.  For now start with small changes and be consistent.  This is the key to lifestyle change.  Stay strong and stay healthy.  Till next time NAMASTE.


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