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The Zen 10 of Health & Wellness

Stress Management

Stress can lead to so many physical and emotional symptoms like muscles soreness, gastrointestinal issues, skin problems, cardiac issues, hormonal imbalances, weight gain depression, and so much more. Learn a variety of ways to help manage your stress with me.

Self Care

Self care is a very important part of being well, but it is so often overlooked especially with women. We learn, whether it is from our family or society, that we are suppose to take care of everyone else and many times this means neglecting ourselves. Learn some valuable and much needed self care tips and routines with me.


Being Mindful can also be thought of as "zen" or being present in the moment. In today's fast paced and automated world it can be very challenging to be in the moment and mindful of things. This can lead to feeling like life is passing us by why we miss out. Not being mindful can make you disconnected from life, from people, and from your own body. Learn ways to become more mindful with me.

Clean Eating

Clean eating is choosing to eat as much natural and unprocessed food as possible When eating clean it helps to give our body what you need to function properly and helps eliminate all the "junk" that is added to our foods that can lead to making the body sick.


Exercise is vital to anyone's health and wellness. When exercising you should make sure to include all areas of exercise for a well rounded routine. The areas of exercise include: stretching/flexibiity, aerobic/cardiovascular endurance, and strength training.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is very important for overall health and wellness. Learning healthy ways to deal with your emotions will help you to become more zenfit in life.


Sleep is so important. Sleep is when your body rests and restores itself. Sleep plays a vital role in your emotional and physical health. Learn ways with me to help create a better sleep experience.

Brain Body Balance

Finding ways to balance your mind and body will help you to achieve ultimate zen. Learn what hormones and neurotransmitters are and how they work in the body.

Living with Less Toxins

We are exposed to so many toxins in the environment around us. One of the biggest places you can find toxins is in your house and in your food. Learn ways to lessen your exposure to toxins both inside your house and your foods.

Social Connection

We are not meant to do life alone. When we isolate ourselves from people it creates an unhealthy person. Connecting with people helps us to deal with what life throws at us. When we talk and connect we can learn to help each other in the bad times and celebrate the good times. I am so glad you have chosen to connect with me and I hope you will learn why it is so important to connect not only to people virtually, but why we definitely need face to face interaction and human touch.

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